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Your brows are an extension of your unique beauty. With meticulous attention to detail and genuine care, we craft a personalised journey to help you achieve your healthy brow goals. Here are some of our many clients that have stuck with us and now have thriving brows!

arrow pointing to brow journey
arrow pointing to brow journey
Client Showcase


Came in March 2023 with uneven and over trimmed brows. She wanted a defined shape with lifted arches. Brow Lamination helped cover the asymmetry while growing out her brows.

client brow journey lamination before transformation
client brow journey lamination after transformation

Throughout her 6 month tailored journey, we made slight adjustments as her brow goals changed. No longer tweezing between appointments and sticking to one artist helped her brow journey tremendously. Paula now maintains her dream brows with regular Sculpt appointments.


Came in July 2023 with uneven and over waxed brows. She didn't like her shape and wanted fuller, natural arches. Our Signature Hybrid Lamination helped balance her brows.

client brow journey lamination before transformation
client brow journey lamination after transformation

After a 4 month tailored journey, we were able to achieve her brow goals - fuller, even brows with soft arches. Monica now maintains her dream brows with regular Hybrid brow appointments.

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  • Why choose Browsy Beauty?
    Located in the heart of Wentworth Point Sydney, our studio is the premier destination for flawless brows. From brow lamination to meticulous sculpting, our unwavering commitment to satisfaction ensures a truly transformative brow journey. You'll leave feeling confident and fabulous! Step into our cosy space where you'll receive unparalleled personalised attention. With an expert eye for detail, our highly skilled and passionate brow specialist will delicately craft your arches, to compliment your unique facial fe­atures, giving you a high definition look like never before.
  • What is Brow Lamination?
    Using chemical solutions, the hairs are softened and manipulated to straighten, tame and redirect the hairs to fill in gaps, increase thickness of the brow or heighten the arch, creating a full, feathery and structured brow. Adding Classic Tint will make them pop or Hybrid Dye (most popular) will give your brows extra definition and fill any gaps. This service is ideal for those who love a naturally full brow look!
  • How long does Brow Lamination last?
    Brows are easily styled and maintained for up to 6-7 weeks with correct aftercare. However, it can only be redone every 8-12 weeks to maintain the hair’s integrity. Our Lamination Maintenance service is highly recommended every 3-4 weeks between lamination appointments to refresh and redefine your brows, prolong lamination results and keep the hairs healthy and nourished. Our Thuya Regenerating Cream is available for purchase and is essential to keep your brows nourished at home in between appointments.
  • What is the difference between Hybrid Brows and HD Brows?
    Hybrid brows is a highly pigmented dye with longer lasting stain ability similar to henna. It saturates the top layer of skin and penetrates deeper into the hair follicle, staining the skin for up to 10 days and up to 6-7 weeks on the hairs. Hybrid brows gives you a wake up with make up look that can be natural or mimic an ombre tattoo effect. Ideal for those who love a defined brow or need to fill in gaps. HD brows is a classic tint that reveals a soft and natural temporary colour, lasting a few days on the skin and up to 2-3 weeks on the hairs as it only coats the hair follicle. Ideal for those with fuller brows wanting to add more definition. Classic tint will not fill gaps.
  • How often should I get my brows done?
    It is recommended to get your brows done every 4 weeks to maintain your desired shape, or even longer if you want a reshape as this allows enough time for them to grow out. We recommend not tweezing between appointments so the stray hairs can grow out evenly with a consistent growth cycle, which gives a cleaner result.
  • Can I get my brows/lashes done while pregnant?
    Brow and lash styling services such as Brow Lamination, Hybrid brows, HD Classic Tint, Bleach brows and Lash Lifts are generally considered safe while pregnant. However, due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding, there may be increased sensitivity to the products being used. This sensitivity can trigger reactions or produce inconsistent/less effective results. As a safety precaution, it is recommended to wait until after the first trimester to do Lamination and Lash Lifts as there is a small risk of chemicals being absorbed through the skin.

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